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Freight Elevator
Passenger Elevator
Wood filler
Replacement of spindles
Quarter rounds
Staining of risers
Staining of handrails
High Rise
Staining of treads
Painting of risers
Install spindles


Floor Stain Colour Chart


Thank you for trusting F & C Dustless Sand and Refinishing with your hardwood floor. F & C provides the green
alternative to floor refinishing. With our dustless system and water based products, F & C sets out to improve air
quality as we work. F & C Dustless Sand and Refinishing is owned and operated by James Lee Senter. Mr.
Senter is known to be a flooring expert as he is a Toronto Carpet Inspector; he is also an IICRC Industry
Instructor and is the president of the CFCRA. All our technicians and customer service reps are
CFI, NWFA, or IICRC certified and receive up to date training to stay abreast of the latest systems, equipment and materials.
The following are outlines pertaining to Company Policy and Warranty. Please review thoroughly and direct any
questions you may have to the technician who provided the quote or to any of the customer service

Company Policy

A 25% Down Payment is required before the work commences. Upon completion of the work, the remaining
balance will be collected.
Client is responsible for all furniture to be moved off work area. All draperies and other items on the floor must
be moved before any work commences.


Wood is a natural product and over time different elements can significantly change the look and structure of the
floor. Exposure to sunlight, different cleaners, water and floor waxes can complicate the sanding process.
In regards to stains, the client is responsible to pick out the stain choice, we do not match stains. As wood is a
natural product, each with different characteristics and grains, the adherence of stain may differ. F & C will not
be held responsible in a case were the stain does not match the sample provided. A small sample area can be
tested before full stain is applied for client approval.

F & C Dustless Refinishing does stand behind our work. If there is an issue with the floor that is a direct result of
our workmanship, we will come out and perform necessary repairs. However, no compensation or refunds will
be given. Once all work is completed the remaining balance is to be paid in full. Customer agrees to receive
emails from Fresh & Clean.

We are committed to offering you the very best service available. F & C Dustless Sand and Refinishing are
leaders in the green cleaning and refinishing, helping others along in the socially responsible ECO Revolution.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide you with a quote.

James Lee Senter
IICRC Senior Carpet and Flooring Inspector


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